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Body Language Is Largely About Sex

From our ancestors we inherited in our DNA the physical features, desires, and habits that evolved to be the most successful in finding mates and producing offspring. Interestingly, much of our body language is still about sex: Either hunting for it or escaping and hiding from it.

Pictured here is a pool party. At the most basic level of human behavior, this pool party is a mate hunting scene. Each man is pursuing a female for you know what. And each female knows what the guys are seeking.

This pool party is well underway here. The women have earlier placed themselves where they could display what they have to offer. It is significant that they did not group together so that each one could be approached in her own territory, and it was evident that she was alone. It is the man's role to enter a woman's personal territory and start a discussion with an "opening line".

In the party shown here, each man has approached a woman and is in the process of trying to get emotionally and physically closer. This is usually done by talking about mutual interests. In this pool party it is obvious that sexual interests are high but may not be actually discussed other than through body language.

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Pool party mating body language

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