Our Reference Point

All the male-female relationship research results and comments included in this website are based on relationships between men and women raised in the United States, unless otherwise indicated. The sources were the literature in the fields of evolutionary sciences and human behavior. The emphasis is on gender differences today caused by evolutionary adaptation by ancestors over the past millions of years.

For definitions of terms used throughout this website go to National Academy of Sciences website.)


During the assembly of this website, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision (June 2015) that made same-gender couple marriages legal and possible in all U.S. states. That complicated making the wording in these web pages correct to include all possible gender-different relationships. The many different cultural norms in various places had already complicated the task of writing and summarizing the research results on women and men without offending someone.

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Our Relationship Types Studied

This web site is about research findings on relationships between women and men primarily in the U.S. and some Western cultures. This website also covers some of the characteristic behavioral differences in women and men, which may or may not apply to all women and men worldwide.

We recognize that this website may only interest a small percentage of the world's population. Those people who are really interested in our viewpoint are welcome to use this website if it benefits their life and relationships of any type.


The research was conducted in certain specific situations with men and women living and interacting with each other. Results may vary in different situations and with different people.


Site visitors who are interested in what is presented within our site may take and use whatever information they find beneficial. We are not inviting debates from anyone who have exceptions to what we report. So, take what we offer in this website if it is useful. Others are encouraged to leave quietly and go elsewhere on the Internet or visit libraries where there is an endless compilation of information, including opposing views.

Final Word

The staff at EastWest Institue for Self-Understanding wish everyone love and peace in all your relationships, no matter which kind they are. (HINT: A relationship with an animal pet is one of the least troublesome types. :-)

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