What Do Men Really Look For?

All Men Are Part Caveman

Men's needs and tactics for mate selection are programmed in their DNA from their ancestors. Today's men's behavior is still affected by evolutionary selection choices made by ancestors over the past millions of years. Humans survived as a species because of wise choices and practices of ancient ancestors in attracting mates. Many of the ancient male tactics for mate selection are still used today by many men.

What worked best for our male ancestors to get a mate and produce offspring still shows in the behavior and body language of most men today! Men today are using much of the same flirting, dating, and mating body language that their ancestors used going back thousands of generations. It works well to make offspring, so why change!

Research on men's behavior and body language in mate selection indicates that men seek a mate with characteristics that can produce the healthiest offspring. It is also interesting that these mate hunting practices in men are evident most of their life, even when elderly and not making babies anymore!

Men and Women Want Something Different

Men's most desired characteristics in women are primarily physical. Below is what most men are attracted to in a woman:

Waist - hip ratio

Research in many cultures worldwide revealed men prefer the woman whose waist is 70% of her hip measurement. This 70% ratio was men's first choice no matter what her total weight was. This 70% ratio implies youthful high fertility and is pretty good assurance that she is not already pregnant by another man.

Men Hunt With Their Eyes

Man, the hunter, has a mental image of the desired ideal woman, and he is always using his eyes to search for her. That is why men enjoy pictures of women so much. Women know that men prefer young, good-looking, healthy females, so women use makeup to conceal signs of aging and poor health. A youthful, healthy body is emphasized in every way possible. The 26 billion dollar beauty aids industry relies on women's needs for products to make them appear to be young, healthy and fertile. Clothes, makeup, hair, high heel shoes, facial gestures, and body movements are used in ways to emphasize femaleness, healthiness, and sexual maturity to get the attention of men. Add to that some outright flirting and males of all ages will follow them to get some action!

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About Mate Selection

Men and women are different!In case you haven't noticed, researchers tell us that sexual drive is different between men and women. Duh!

Men notoriously throughout history have been the predators. Researchers have all found that men think about "it" many times more often than women do. Here are some differences between men's and women's drive for intimacy and passion:

These differences have proven to be the most successful for our ancestors to survive for millions of years. Men made the most and healthiest babies by taking advantage of every opportunity with all the young females they could corner.

Women's ancestors succeeded in making the most healthy babies by attracting a man to protect and help her survive with her child for several years after the fun. By women being fertile a short time, the guy who stuck around and lived with her helped her make babies that survived. Therefore, much of women's mating drive is influenced by how good of a relationship she has with the guy before she gets turned-on for the fun. Smart men figure out that before the action starts they have to prove their intensions to stick around after the fun is over. Get use to that guys! It is in all women's genes!

The Game is the Same at Any Age

Good life couple.Even after our child-bearing years are over, we look for a mate with the same characteristics as when we were young. Most women always seek a man who is strong and caring with a lot of resources to make a good home for the family -- and "good-looking " is not really important.

Most men at any age are attracted to all healthy, young, fertile women who can make healthy babies -- even when he doesn't want any children. It seems that the software that drives our internal unconscious mental "computer" for mate selection does not come with software upgrades for after menopause!

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