Free Male and Female Body Language Tutorial. Learn flirting body language and see sexy body language analysis. 
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Free Body Language Tutorial

What Is Your Body Language Really Saying?

Our ancestors used body language before they developed speech. This went on for so long and was so effective that their body language vocabulary is still deeply embedded in our own DNA and used daily as habits.

Researchers say that we actually use our body language to pass more information than we speak verbally. Some researchers estimate that approximately 80% of our communication with other people is nonverbal information. It's mostly unconsciously displayed by our body language in posture, gestures, and movements. Body language cues reveal more about how a person feels, and their intentions toward us, than their words do.

Analysis of Sexy Body Language at a Pool Party

Pool party body language From our ancestors' we inherited in our DNA the physical features, desires, and habits that evolved to be the most successful in finding mates and producing offspring. Interestingly, much of our body language is about sex -- often inappropriately. Check out what is going on here!

At the most basic level of human behavior this pool party is a mate hunting scene. The men are each pursuing a female for you know what. And each female knows what the guys are seeking.

This action is an ancient game that millions of our ancestors played successfully to make babies and continue our species. Those genes that orchestrated successful matings in the past are still in humans today.

In this scene we see evidence of those genes influencing behavior that worked in the ancestors most reliably for producing offspring. In each person in this scene there is a deep unconscious drive to use the same body language that worked for the ancestors.

Man A Body Language Analysis:
Woman B Body Language Analysis:

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Man C Body Language Analysis:

Woman D Body Language Analysis:

Man E Body Language Analysis:

Woman F Body Language Analysis:

Body Language Seldom Lies

There are two primary themes for all body language. The first is mostly about surviving with the other people encountered daily, such as how close you want to get, how much you do or don't trust them, and how interested in them you really are.

A second major theme of all body language is about getting or defending against sexual encounters. In our socialized world today our sexual desires are best left hidden! However, our ongoing natural desire for sexual satisfaction is often revealed in our unconscious body language. Oh yah! When you see an attractive person nearby your body will most likely signal, "Hey! Look what I have for you!"

We will discuss this unconscious body language more later because you might want to stop revealing what is really on your mind!

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