Instantly Read Body Language And Beware!

Body Language Broadcasts REAL Intentions

For millions of generations, body language has been one of our best tools for successful survival and mating. Since humans learned to speak, we have switched to paying more attention to verbal messages rather than body language messages. This is unfortunate because unconscious body language messages are more accurate and truthful than words. When two people are relating to each other, their body language messages reveal more about how they feel about each other than their words do.

Calling attention to mouthBody language messages are sent automatically and mostly unconsciously. Women send approximately five times more body language messages than men in the same period. Women also read body language better than men. This is a survival skill ingrained in women's DNA from millions of female ancestors dealing with men.

Women's Flirting Body Language Revealed!

The most common way women attract a man's attention is by preening. Tossing their hair around, stroking and combing it, and generally moving it away from face and shoulders to expose soft bare skin are strong signals that women use to get men's attention and interest.

Calling attention to lips and mouthAnother great move men enjoy watching is for a woman to do things calling attention to her mouth. Licking her lips, putting on lipstick, or eating something slowly with obvious great pleasure is stimulating to men. Just watching her mouth makes men hungry for the smell and taste of all of her stimulating and delicious pheromones.

Flirting leg actionEntwining her legs draws attention to being a woman. Men can't do this because their hips are too narrow. However, in this case it indicates not only that she is a woman, but also she is closed to sexual advances from men. Her tight leg muscles indicate she is very protective of her private area. However, to most men her tight leg muscles are appealing, and they are his challenge to untangle.

Slowly crossing or uncrossing her legs while gently stroking her thigh is unmistakable female flirting body language. This move generally means, "Look at this wonderful female body!" Another great move is for her to adjust clothing with loosening, opening or exposing movements to call attention to her body. If she is clever, she exposes some bare skin in the process. This is where the guy accidentally misses his mouth and pours his drink in his lap while trying "not to look".

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Preening actionWhen a woman fusses with her hair while talking to a man, it raises her breast toward his face and makes him fail to hear most of her words. If she is really a vixen, she will expose her armpit (that may be even shaved and "nude"). This may blast her pheromones out to him and make his brain "scramble". The woman can forget about getting any intelligent conversation from him after this move!

Flirting foot actionWhen sitting with legs crossed, bouncing her foot back and forth rhythmically while dangling one shoe off her toe, signals much more than, "My foot is tired, and I want to go to bed!"

The bare foot is the first step in undressing and implies taking off the rest of her clothes is easy because they are just barely on. Everything can just fall off so easily! She is ready to undress at any time now.

Stroking wet glass body languageWhile chatting with a man, if she slowly strokes a smooth, round, (and preferably wet) object (such as her drink glass) she will be indirectly and strongly teasing and stimulating him. She is sending him a message that if he is good to her, maybe he will be rewarded in a very special way. She knows what he likes and knows how to make him squirm.

Stroking hair body language Women's flirting body language is generally movements of opening clothing and exposing bare skin or touching their hair. Women's flirting body language to attract men is nearly always sexual because women know what men want! The message in women's flirting body language is this: "I am a healthy, sexual, woman open to you coming closer. I won't resist you!" Her smile says, "I like you, and I won't hurt you. Come closer."

Researchers have identified that both men and women use basically five steps for finding a mate throughout history.

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